Automated Testing

Automated Testing in Games

One of the first issues is that games are generally much more difficult to test than most types of software. There are just usually many more actions a user could take and more steps to take that action in say, for example, an open-world game vs a web app. This is a significant hurdle for game development, but in the later sections of this article, we will describe the various types of testing that are used to provide coverage over the majority of game scenarios.

Unit Tests

Unit tests are not used to test big components like gameplay mechanics or systems that include art assets. More modern unit tests try to minimize the amount of dependencies they use, as a higher number of dependences makes the test more likely to break, as well as, causes longer compile and run times.

Integration Tests (Feature Test)

The other major type of tests are integration tests, these tests generally evaluate larger pieces of software such as gameplay mechanics or specific actions in game systems

Content Stress Test

Screen Shot Comparisions