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Physically Based Rendering

Ich kann euch dieses Buch nur empfehlen! http://www.pbrt.org/   The Book Physically Based Rendering, Third Edition describes both the mathematical theory behind a modern photorealistic rendering system as well as its practical implementation. A method known as “literate programming” combines human-readable documentation and source code into a single reference that is specifically designed to aid […]


GGX shader for VRay

Dieser Beitrag zeigt gut die Unterschiede und Merkmale von BDRF´s http://www.shlyaev.com/rnd/37-cpp-category/54-ggx GGX Shader for Vray   Ggx is a microfacet model which is very successful for modeling light reflection from surfaces. In other words it’s a shader like Blinn but 10x more awesome. Ggx is based on distribution model from Trowbridge and Reitz. This microfacet […]


Textur Analyse

https://graphics.stanford.edu/projects/texture/Texture Analysis and Synthesis Input Sample Synthesized Result   Introduction Texture is a ubiquitous visual experience. It can describe a wide variety of surface characteristics such as terrain, plants, minerals, fur and skin. Since reproducing the visual realism of the real world is a major goal for computer graphics, textures are commonly employed when rendering […]


Lost & Found: Protected Interactive 3D Graphics Via Remote Rendering

David Koller, Michael Turitzin, Marc Levoy (Stanford University), Marco Tarini, Giuseppe Croccia, Paolo Cignoni, and Roberto Scopigno (ISTI-CNR, Italy) Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH 2004 Abstract: Valuable 3D graphical models, such as high-resolution digital scans of cultural heritage objects, may require protection to prevent piracy or misuse, while still allowing for interactive display and manipulation by […]


Lost & Found : Spreadsheets for images

  Spreadsheets for images Marc Levoy, Proc. SIGGRAPH ’94 (Orlando, Florida, July 24-29, 1994). In Computer Graphics Proceedings, Annual Conference Series, 1994, ACM SIGGRAPH, pp. 139-146. Abstract: We describe a data visualization system based on spreadsheets. Cells in our spreadsheet contain graphical objects such as images, volumes, or movies. Cells may also contain widgets such […]


3D – Kunst und Programmierung

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