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Automated Testing of Gameplay Featuresin Sea of Thieves

…“To avoid this long scattershot process of locating bugs, fixing them and checking they don’t reoccur, we need to regularly check that this issue isn’t in the current version of the game.-For this AI example, we could get a tester to run a scenario like the one in the video everyday, getting a skeleton to chase them around a corner and checking that it remembers to follow them. That wouldn’t take too long, but if we wanted checks for a whole game of the size of Sea of Thieves we’d have thousands of these scenarios that needed testing. Now these checks would take so much time that they would become a manual tester’s entire job, and a pretty mind-numbingly boring one at that.-If instead of wasting a human’s time with these checks, we let the game do it itself via an automated test, we not only avoid wasting a tester’s time but we get many other advantages. -First the game can run the checks much faster than a human could, which means they can be run more often so the dev team will know even sooner that there’s a problem. Next, the game can be more precise when running tests as its able to read and check its own state, so more accurate checks can be made than a human could detect. Finally, automated tests can also interact with the game at different levels, testing individual code functions if necessary, while a human can only play the game in its complete form.“…

Read the full article: https://ubm-twvideo01.s3.amazonaws.com/o1/vault/gdc2019/presentations/Masella_Robert_AutomatedTestingOf.pdf

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